When few days and some money from AAS can change so much

When few days and some money from AAS can change so much

Coming to the LCP position, I had never imagined the things I would encounter throughout my term. And the ways I can change myself, my opinions, my views and beliefs. Being from the smallest and the youngest committee of AIESEC in Slovakia has been a challenge in everything – lots of work and challenges, yet not that much of the results or opportunities.
Thanks to the Best Recruitment Award and the prize from Alumni Association Slovakia I got this amazing opportunity to attend the EuroXpro conference in Portugal, even before my term has officially started.
I had only some expectations when going there. It was to be the first international conference ever for me and it was to be huge, intense and amazing. And my expectations were fulfilled – hundred times more than I thought.

There were so many unforgettable moments, so many learnings and AHA-moments throughout these two weeks for me.

Do you know the feeling, when you understand things, you think you have heard enough of advice on how to do things and what to do, but still it somehow does not connect?

That is exactly how I felt before EuroXpro. So much of transition, advices, explanations and both good and bad case practices, but still it was somehow too messy to apply, to make sense.
And then, right there in Porto, it all suddenly clicked. I started to be able to connect things. I realized how important the empowerment of people is, not only for the sake of the committee, but also for the overall development of members.

So called Bottom-up culture, which we were presented with, together with the mindset of no more excuses made me realize how much potential there is among the members of each one of the LCs in Slovakia.

All of this together with the impactful conversations I have had there, with people from literally all over the world, has made me realize the impact and the power we actually have and it also made me change my view of things.
I found out I was always pushing people on the results with a very weak „Why“ behind it, that I was trying to reach the numbers instead of trying to make a change.

Since coming back, I am always trying to see beyond the things and to find out the purpose of what I do, not only in AIESEC life. I am trying to be the motivating and supportive LCP and to make our members feel that their ideas and thoughts are the most important to me and I show them how much they can change by the little things we do.

There is this one quote that I heard during one of the sharings at EuroXpro, which got stuck into my head and I always remind myself with it: “If you do the right thing, the results will come.”
So yes, I am trying to do the right things and to teach others to do them as well. And I know that the Alumni of AIESEC in Slovakia were hoping to do the right thing when giving me this opportunity, when investing their money into me, LCP from AIESEC in Prešov, to be able to attend EuroXpro 2015. And you did.

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