ERAC 2019

Jan Peeters, Belgium

Alex Tichy, Austria

Hello dear Alumni of AIESEC!


ERAC is the conference for alumni in Europe to come together. We will share experiences, get to know each other, work on our personal development and enjoy the time!
We expect delegates from all European countries and alumni entities and welcome any alumni from even further away to join us for our annual conference.


What benefits you can get during the conference:
– personal development: talks from experienced alumni, hard&soft skills workshops;
– networking: thematical meal times, coffee breaks, any self-driven spaces during free time;
– social impact: participation in Alumni theme programme “Break out of the routine (support us to fulfil the SDGs and challenge the status quo)
– lots of fun during leisure and evening agenda


Come to see the stunning nature the region of Moravia, thousands of caves, interesting history, delicious food & beverage and lots of activities prepared for you!

Are you ready to be a part of ERAC 2019?
Join the Adventure!


Dates:  25 April 2019 – 28 April 2019
Place:  Wellness Hotel Panorama, Češkovice 168, Blansko, 678 01 Blansko, Jihomoravký Kraj, Czech Republic,
Hosted by: AAS – AIESEC Alumni Slovakia



Name / Nickname Country Name / Nickname Country Name / Nickname Country
Chris Germany Sergio Czech Republic Dennis Germany
Eda Slovakia Jos Belgium Alberto Italy
Lars Germany Stocky Slovakia Marta Serbia
Pawel Poland Ploci Slovakia Robert the Poet Germany
Zory Bulgaria Ali Slovakia Victor Germany
Tomasz Poland Yoni Bulgaria Irina Germany
Stephan Germany Nuki Bulgaria Olga Russia
Peter Austria Ivy Slovakia Stella Bulgaria
Chris Germany Jordan Austria Susanne Germany
Edy Germany Cathy Slovakia Milan Serbia
Eddy Belgium Alex Austria Ulla Austria
Caroline France Monique Belgium Carsten Germany
Czar Rodriguez Mexico Zhan Bulgaria Victor UK
Martush Czech Republic Amal India Diana Italia
Jan Belgium Stephi Germany Johannes Germany
Captain Jack Nigeria JP Cameroon Zipu Romania
Katarina Croatia Bea Italy Andy Italy
Dan, mr blood Romania Majka Slovakia Kriszti Hungary
Albin Hungary / UK Dieter Austria Sina Germany
Daniil Russia Jenny  Germany Chris Krakow  Poland
Anna Poland Karol Poland Julia Poland
Dodo Slovakia Cse  Hungary Mako  Slovakia
Yamesh India Marika Hungary Sandra Germany
Quresh India Franck  France Heidi  Germany
Oli Czech Republic Maks Ukraine Tom Czech Republic
Choze Czech Republic Babbal  India Fabian  Switzerland
Don André Germany Rodhe Austria Mauro  Italy
Dimi Germany Olayemi Nigeria Matthias Germany
Csilli Hungary Iain UK Renata Poland
Tomek Poland  


ERAC 2019 - Join the Adventure