How to get here

Wellness Hotel Panorama, Češkovice, Blansko, Czechia

Have a look HERE how people are travelling and maybe find some friends and HAVE FUN TRAVELLING TOGETHER :-)

You have several possibilities how to get to the venue.



Here you can find how far it is from the nearest airports to the hotel.

Brno Bratislava Vienna Prague Budapest
km 42 182 182 257 397
time 0:43 1:55 2:10 2:43 4:02
car rental yes yes yes yes yes



49.377427″N, 16.675358″E
If you come by car, then you will be guided reliably by our yellow guidance signs, which are placed on all public roads in Blansko and also from Brno, Svitavy, Rájec directions. You cannot see any industrial or housing development, only a garden suburb called Zahradní město (Garden Town) and a cottage village called Češkovice.


In case you are coming by car, either from your home or from any of the airports, we strongly encourage you to act ecologically and share the car also with others going the same direction. Besides saving the planet, it also lowers the travel costs for everybody.

Here you can find an “app” :-) that we believe will help you planning your rides, finding co-travelers or for people coming without car to find free spaces.

PLEASE NOTE: We believe you are all responsible enough and able to plan your rides, check for free places and so on, and therefore we are not gonna admin the content of this tool anyhow.


Here you can find how far it is by train from the cities with nearest airport to Brno.

Bratislava Vienna Prague Budapest
time 1:25 1:15 2,5 – 3 3:55
approximate frequency 1 hour (max. 2) 1 hour (max. 2) 1 hour 2 hours



An alternative for the train could be Flixbus. You can go to Brno directly from 98 cities in CZ, SK and Europe. See the map on and click on Brno. More info is available on


Train from BRNO (hlavni nadrazi = main train station) to BLANSKO takes 20 – 30 minutes, goes approximately every 30 min. You can check the connections here:


From BLANSKO (autobusove stanoviste = bus station) to the HOTEL PANORAMA you can than get using local public transport – line 223 to the bus stop called Ceskovice. It goes every hour and the journey takes 17 – 20 min. From Blansko train station to Blansko bus station you need to walk approximately 4 min. You can check the connections here:


If you preffer to take taxi:

  • from Blansko station to the hotel is could cost you approximately 100 Kč / 3,9 €
  • from Brno directly to the hotel it could cost you 800 Kč / 30,2 €

Please note, that most probably you will need Czech currency, rather ask the driver before you use it.